Monday, August 15, 2011

Movies with 3 of my Girls

Anna, Abbie, Mia and I headed out to the movies on Saturday evening. We saw three movies. It was fun spending time with them. The four of us started out seeing Glee 3D. It was a really fun show. It was pretty much a concert of the Glee characters, but that's ok. They are so talented. Then we separated and Mia and I went to see The Smurfs 3D. UGH. It was really awful. Even Mia wanted to leave midway through. So we did. We went and sat at a table and "People-watched" for about an hour. I tried my creativity at photography with the popcorn shot. ha ha. Then we all met up again, and saw "The Help". It was amazing. I recommend it to everyone!

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