Monday, November 21, 2011

Another Day at the Zoo

Went to the zoo again. This time I went with a dear friend from church, Debbi Gunn. We also took two of my daughters, Anna, and Mia. We went so Debbi could teach me how to take photographs. She's an awesome photographer, and she recently got a new camera, so she let me use her older one. She has named them Smith & Wesson. Get it? Her last name is Gunn? ha ha. Her photography business is called GunnShot Photos.

We had a fun time. We laughed a lot! I'm surprised that I took some pretty good shots! I'll post a few here. I've got one of Debbi acting like a dork trying to stuff herself into a little kid's tractor. The other photos are just some random ones that turned out pretty well. Enjoy!

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